Christian Lebiere

Carnegie Mellon University

Christian Lebiere is a Research Faculty in the Psychology Department at Carnegie Mellon University, having received his Ph.D. from the CMU School of Computer Science.  During his graduate career, he studied connectionist models and was the coauthor with Scott Fahlman of the Cascade-Correlation neural network learning algorithm.  Since 1991, he has worked on the development of the ACT-R cognitive architecture and was co-author with John R. Anderson of the 1998 book The Atomic Components of Thought.  Most recently, he has been involved with John Laird and Paul Rosenbloom in defining the Common Model of Cognition, a community-wide effort to consolidate and formalize the scientific progress resulting from the 40-year research program in cognitive architectures.

Christian Lebiere’s Google Scholar Page

“Optimizing Interaction Using Personalized Models of Decision Making”