VISCA 2021 Videos

Practical Seed-Programmed Autonomous General Cumulative Learning

Kristinn R. Thorisson, Reykjavik University

The Inner Speech of a Cognitive Architecture

Antonio Chella, University of Palermo

Cognition’s Interface to the World and to Metacognition in MIDCA

Michael Cox, Wright State University

Embodied Intelligent Agents

Michael Beetz, University of Bremen

Functional and Structural Models of Commonsense Reasoning in Cognitive Architectures

Antonio Lieto, University of Turin

The Compositional Turn in Deep Learning

Matt Botvinick, Deep Mind

The Central Role of the Parietal Lobe in the Neural Cognitive Architecture

Randy O’Reilly, UC Davis

Brain Networks: Structural and Dynamic Substrates of Cognitive Architectures?

Olaf Sporns, Indiana University

Brain Dynamics and Flexible Behaviors

Lucina Uddin, University of Miami

Day 2 Panel Discussion

The Role of Reinforcement Learning in Cognitive Architecture Research

Rick Lewis & Andrew Howes, University of Michigan & University of Birmingham

The ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of Attentional Control for Visuospatial Behavior

John K. Tsotsos, York University

A Theory-driven, Incremental Approach to Constructing Minds

Sean Kugele, University of Memphis

From the Physiological to the Social: Thinking About the Human in Human-AI Interaction

Chris Dancy, Bucknell University

Day 3 Panel Discussion

Cognitive Architectures and the Unity of Cognitive Science

Marcin Miłkowski, Polish Academy of Sciences

A Framework for Mapping the Technological Underpinnings of Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Modeling, and Integrated Systems and Models

Paul Rosenbloom, University of Southern California

A Formal Analysis of Two Common Model Cognitive Architectures: Act-R and Soar.

John Laird, University of Michigan

Day 4 Panel Discussion