VISCA 2020 Videos

Introduction to Cognitive Architectures

John Laird, University of Michigan

Analogy versus Rules in Cognitive Architectures

Ken Forbus, Northwestern University

Why Newell was Right: Constructing Explanatory Models for Visual Search

David Kieras, University of Michigan

Profiling Cognitive Load with ACT-R

Christopher Stevens, Air Force Research Labs

Matching Cognitive Models to Individuals: A Different Approach

Greg Trafton, Naval Research Labs

Designing Adaptive Coaching Interaction for Health Behavior Change

Shiwali Mohan, PARC

Clarion and Raven’s Matrices

Ron Sun & Can Mekik, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Using Cognitive Models to Train Big Data Modls with Small Data

Laura Hiatt, Naval Research Labs

Extending Act-R with JSegMan to Perform a Long Task

Frank Ritter, Penn State University

The Sigma Cognitive Architecture and System

Volkan Ustun & Paul Rosenbloom, University of Southern California

Recent Progress on Intentions and Intentional Action in the ARCADIA Cognitive System

Paul Bello, Naval Research Labs

Continuous Planning and Adaptive Control in PUG Architecture

Pat Langley, Institute for the Study of Learning and

An Integrative Approach to Collaborative Intelligence

Dongkyu Choi, A*STAR, Singapore

The Problems with Synthetic Teammates

Chris Meyers, Air Force Research Labs

Understanding Intelligence with Multi-layer Cognitive Architecture

Niels Taatgen, University of Groningen

Learning to Play Video Games without Instructions

John Anderson, Carnegie Mellon University

Optimizing Interaction Using Personalized Models of Decision Making

Christian Lebie, Carnegie Mellon University

How UGH/Optum Technology is Gearing Up to use Cognitive Technology in Health Care

Matthew Versaggi, Optum

Spaun 2.0: Sometimes Bigger is Better

Chris Eliasmith, University of Waterloo

Using Neural Representations of Time and Space with a Cognitive Architecture

Terry Stewart, National Research Council of Canada

Exploring Cognitive Architectures in the Era of Large Brain Data

Andrea Stocco & Catherine Sibe, University of Washington