VISCA 2020 Schedule

We will have live presentations from 10am-5:30pm on June 4-5, 2020.

Daylight Time
June 4, 2020
10:00-10:30John LairdUniversity of MichiganIntroduction to Cognitive Architecture
10:30-11:00Ken ForbusNorthwestern UniversityAnalogy versus Rules in Cognitive Architecture
11:00-11:30David KierasUniversity of MichiganWhy Newell was Right: Constructing Explanatory Models for Visual Search
11:45-12:15Christopher StevensAir Force Research LabsProfiling Cognitive Load with ACT-R
12:15-12:45Greg TraftonNaval Research LabsMatching Cognitive Models to Individuals: A Different Approach
12:45-1:15Shiwali MohanPARCExploring the Role of Common Model of C
2:15-2:45Ron Sun & Can MekikRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteClarion and Raven’s Matrices
2:45-3:15Laura HiattNaval Research LabsUsing Cognitive Models to Train Big Data Models with Small Data
3:15-3:45Frank RitterPenn State UniversityExtending ACT-R with JSegMan to Perform
4:00-4:30Volkan Ustun & Paul RosenbloomUniversity of Southern CaliforniaThe Sigma Cognitive Architecture and System
4:30-5:00Paul BelloNaval Research LabsRecent Progress on Intentions and Intentional Action in the ARCADIA Cognitive System
5:00-5:30Pat LangleyInstitute for the Study of Learning and
Continuous Planning and Adaptive Control in the PUG Architecture
June 5, 2020
10:00-10:30Dongkyu ChoiA*STAR, SingaporeAn Integrative Approach to Collaborative Intelligence
10:30-11:00Chris MyersAir Force Research LabsThe Problem(s) with Synthetic Teammates
11:00-11:30Niels TaatgenUniversity of GroningenUnderstanding Intelligence with a Multi-layer Cognitive Architecture
11:45-12:15John AndersonCarnegie Mellon UniversityLearning to Play Video Games without Instruction
12:15-12:45Christian LebiereCarnegie Mellon UniversityOptimizing Interaction Using Personalized Models of Decision Making
12:45-1:15Matthew R. VersaggiOptumHow UHG/Optum Technology is gearing up to use Cognitive Technology in Healthcare
2:15-2:45Chris EliasmithUniversity of WaterlooSpaun 2.0: Sometimes Bigger is Better
2:450-3:15Terry StewartNational Research Council of CanadaUsing Neural Representations of Time and Space within a Cognitive Architecture
3:15-3:45Andrea Stocco &
Catherine Sibert
University of WashingtonExploring Cognitive Architectures in the Era of Large Brain Data